In the comment section below I was reminded that my friend Tony’s ex-wife and fiance Lara was raised Mormon. Obviously out in Deseret I got to know a number of Mormons, but interestingly prior to moving out there a number of not-entirely-insignificant people in my life were of the faith.


  • My middle brother Mitch’s first serious girlfriend was a Mormon. She seemed to be falling out of the faith when they met, though.
  • My best friend Clint’s first serious girlfriend was also a Mormon. She was a recent convert, though she didn’t entirely adhere to the moral codes of the faith and was quite torn up about that.
  • The youth director at my Episcopal Church was also Mormon. She was loved by the congregation and particularly us kids, though her faith did cause some problems with some higher ups in the church and they passed a no-more-Mormons canon partly in response to her. She never pushed her faith on us, though, and I doubt she could have been too active a member of her faith.
  • A girl that I almost dated while I was in college. She was the sweetest of sweethearts. Her father was Mormon and her mother converted on their marrying. The father ditched the family, but the mother stayed in the church and continued to raise her kids as Mormons.

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  1. logtar says:

    My mormon count is very short… I think 5… and they were all from the same family. A lady that worked at my school was was a mormon and I got to meet some of her kids. That is it. Not many mormoms that I know of in IL, MI or KS or at least none that would associate with me… think of it, I did not know any mormons in Colombia either.

  2. Peter says:

    I’ve only known two. One was a supervisor a few jobs ago, and suffice to say that we did not see eye to eye on very much. The second one was a young woman who dated a friend of mine, many years ago, and all I remember about her was that she was definitely on the wild side.

  3. Hyrum says:

    I found out in my state of Washington one in twenty people are mormon so you cant go far without meeting them.

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