This corresponds with my experience: Employees of small and locally owned businesses tend to display more loyalty.

Church attendance can effect commitment to one’s job. Interestingly, it seems to suggest that perhaps prosperity gospel is actually kind of a good thing.

Yes, yes, there’s no such thing as free shipping. The thing is, free shipping isn’t about getting something for nothing as it is about price transparency and reliability.

What if some people tried to racist-bait a controversy and nobody showed up?

How Appalachians and ruralians became the new noble savages.

Megan Garber writes a eulogy for clip-art.

According to Alana Semuels, women are increasingly finding men they know to be sperm donors, instead of going the anonymous route.

Remember, if you oppose fracking, you ride with Putin.

New research into why our men and women of the uniform marry young.

Hurricane Katrina may have been a disaster, but the migration it caused was beneficial.

The title of this article (Non-Nerds Would Rather Bomb Their SATs Than Look Uncool) is actually a tad deceptive. More like, non-nerds will turn down help if they think it will make them look uncool… or like they need help.

Second jobs and part-time work won’t help you get a mortgage. That may make sense when it comes to people like Jeff Banks, but I find it really odd that it applies to a family willing to make a 20% down-payment.

It’s important to remember that zoning is about increasing livability, and has nothing to do with economic and racial segregation.

Apple deleted unauthorized music from your iPod? I didn’t kow that. Uncool.

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