spongebobZoroastrians feed their exalted dead to vultures.

Overeating is contagious! Quick, let’s to tell the fatties that they have to stop overeating for the public good.

How employers are attempting to influence their employees’ vote.

Wind turbines negatively affect housing prices. Seems to me that means we should put them in the costlier locations, perhaps applying some housing price equilibrium. Right?

Renting outfits like Rent-a-Center are helping people pay three times cost so that they can have nice things. The thing that sucks about markets is people.

Generous loan terms are being used to entice customers to buy more expensive cars. The thing that sucks about markets is people.

Bloomberg News thinks that China’s megacities just aren’t big enough.

Ever wondered about the Mormons’ “magic underwear“? Well, they explain it in a new video.

I’m not sure that these 1920 Soviet oil paintings featuring mechs are actually authentic.

These diagrams of co-sleeping positions and these captions on these stock photos are hilarious.

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