OctopusLadyMasdar City is Abu Dhabi’s own (green!) ghost town!

American houses keep growing and growing

If I had three million dollars to spare and a desire to live in Kansas, I would love to get one of these condos housed in a missile silo.

Virginia Postrel wants to know who killed Wikipedia? Oddly, Wikipedia has not been updated to reflect the fact that it has died, which proves Postrel correct. (Actually, it’s an interesting story about open and insular cultures.)

Libby Nelson agrees with Peter Thiel that the Ivy League could be quite a bit bigger.

The methodology is kind of suspect, but it’s interesting to ponder the ramifications: Study shows whites think blacks are superhuman, magical.

When you look at admissions percentages, you’ll notice some interesting things. Some colleges that one might not consider particularly competitive nonetheless reject a lot of students. This isn’t that, but it came to mind when reading Amanda Graves’s complaint about being courted by colleges that have no intention of accepting them.

This story – about a game teaching pirates about the consequences of piracy – isn’t new, but still cracks me up.

Gabriel Rossman writes about the various hassles the right and left and willing and unwilling to endure.

Bryan Sheffield didn’t make it as a trader, and decided instead to make millions as an oil tycoon.

Fernando Hurtado argues that sometimes words are weapons, and should be treated accordingly.

Niamh McIntyre proudly explains how she prevented a debate on abortion at her university (Oxford).

Anne Applebaum argues that human rights – such as freedom of expression, doesn’t belong to the anonymous.

The good news is that oil prices are down. The bad news is what happens when oil prices go down. This is why I am maybe-possibly starting to come around on CAFE standards.

Robin Hanson looks at liberal and conservative jobs. He echoes points that I have made in the past about how the degree of meritocracy reliability in one’s career can reinforce conservative viewpoints.

Lyman Stone says that, contrary to what you may have heard about urban and rural revivals, they don’t seem to be happening.

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