gasstrollerOil prices may be falling, but US oil production remains on the upswing.

Some Native Americans are hoping to end their language.

The Antiplanner makes the case against light rail in Los Angeles.

Arnold Kling explains why breaking up the big banks won’t work.

It ain’t easy being a small country.

We should be on the metric system by now, but we’re not. Seth Stevenson looks at the history of the battle over metrics.

Police in Seattle can’t be bothered to enforce laws against theft even when you can direct them to the phone. I once had over $2000 of stuff stolen from my car in Colosse. The officer was positively annoyed that I called the police. Meanwhile, in Deseret, an officer spent two days initiating an entire investigation for a stolen jacket, getting a subpoena for security camera recordings and everything.

The making of the McRib. As Burt Likko says, since it’s from McDonald’s, so it’s “scripted and PRish, but still interesting.” I personally think it lost some credibility when it had the pigs raising their arms saying “Me next! Me next!”

The US uses less water than it did in 1970! Can we improve on this so that we don’t have (more of) a water crisis?

Minneapolis is micromanaging food sales.

Breaking up isn’t what it used to be.

Physicians are apparently like congressmen. People don’t have a lot of confidence in them, but like their own.

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