atabrineThe University of Tokyo has created a bipod robot that “runs” at 2.6 miles per hour. Meanwhile, MIT has a 70-pound robot that runs sixty miles an hour.

The southern California coast may be expensive, but the weather really is better there.

Russia: Depopulation by low birth rates and high death ones. Or not.

Good news! Time travel simulation has resolved the Grandfather Paradox. I barely understand a word of this article, but some of y’all are smarter than me.

SimCity and the technocracy.

Conor Friedersdorf argues that urban farming is exacerbating San Francisco’s housing crisis.

The latest research is coming down against bilateral mastectomies. Aaron Carroll doesn’t expect that to change our approach much.

Finally, our place on the map of the universe actually has a map has a name!

What is to become of higher education? David Bromwich looks at right-wing complaints, left-wing complaints, rising costs, and technology.

Living away from home is a part of “the college experience” but it, too, is becoming less affordable. In a way that’s hard to blame on student loans or state subsidy.

A woman in Nashville fights a legal battle against charges that she neglected a child that she didn’t know.

We talk about how college pays, but does it?

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  1. fillyjonk says:

    I’m a college professor. On bleaker days I wonder if my career will finish up with me sitting on a highway overpass, holding a sign that says “Will teach plant identification for food” or “Will teach you how to run a t-test for food.”

    We hear so much stuff about how “X is the new exciting thing that will change education forever, and you must immediately adopt X.” and then when you talk to the students in your classes, you find out that most of them HATE X and just want you to provide well-organized lecture and discussion. Well, at least, the students I have who seem to be invested in their education tell me that.

  2. Peter says:

    Russian demographics have a couple unusual features:
    1) The birth rate among women in their 20’s is as high as anywhere else in the developed world. After 30, however, women almost entirely stop having children. No one has been able to explain why.
    2) Almost all of the excess deaths are among men in their 50’s and 60’s.

    • trumwill says:

      1) That’s really interesting.

      2) The average lifespan of Russians is truly staggering. Though for population purposes, that seems to be after they’ve done whatever part they’re going to do to boost the population.

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