France is beseiged by evil clowns, giving rise to anti-clown vigilantes.

In the UK there is a push for doctors and nurses to start working (more) on weekends.

In order to smooth relations with the Uighurs (an ethnic minority group covering the northwest), China is offering money for ethnic-majority Chinese to marry them.

Most of us didn’t know that we had Ebola drugs waiting in the wings the next time there was an outbreak. Turns out, we may have Dick Cheney to thank for that.

Utah is one of the most conservative states in the country. But between its homeless policies and now its approach to police militarization, it is marches to the tune of its own trumpet.

In the US, there is this thing called “academic red-shirting” where we try to hold our kids back from entering school so that they’ll be among the oldest (and best-performing) in their class. In China, they have their kids early so that they go to school earlier.

ForeignPolicy looks at the Honduran charter cities.

Legalized gambling has been a bane to lower-income Americans, but perhaps it can be used for good and not evil, to entice them to save.

Ewan Morrison argues that late young adult dystopic fiction promotes right-wing libertarianism to young people.

Salon says smart people aren’t any less racist than other people, they’re just better at hiding it. What Salon means is “smart people aren’t more likely to support our preferred set of policies to combat racism.

Many argue that the consolidation of health care services may lead to better care. Aaron Carroll points to a study suggesting this isn’t true.

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