The employment premium for going to a for-profit college may be so bad (PDF) so as to not demonstrate any advantage over those who did not attend at all. Elite colleges, on the other hand, worth it.

Fargo Uber Alles! The Gateway to the West has been named the best small city for businesses and careers. (For anyone wanting to attribute that to the oil boom, just so you know it’s on the other side of the state. Here are some other booming towns and cities.

There’s an old saying that when an unfaithful man marries his mistress it creates a job opening. Turns out, it’s true.

The Economist looks at the costs of foreign aid, to the recipient nation.

Joshua Neuman said no to drugs, because of this comic book. Trainspotting and Requiem of a Dream both had indentations on my views of the subject.

Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering is constructing and employing cyborgs. Well, more Iron Man than cyborg, but cool all the same. Cooler or less cool than cyborg moths, I’m not sure.

Coming soon to an eaterie near you: Cricketburgers! Or bugburgers. Or something.

Microsoft considered – and hasn’t ruled out – renaming Internet Explorer to escape its sketchy reputation.

The next big name in Smartphones may be… Lenovo! The prospect excited me a lot more before I discovered what Lenovo did to the Thinkpad line.

China bet big on Shale Gas, and it hasn’t worked out.

Stacking cells: A possible new innovation in solar energy could make it as cheap as natural gas.

Arguably, food trucks are safer than restaurants.

Does the college define its students, or do students define the college?

Shinzo Abe is standing up to China and Korea… but not the United States.

NASA and BYU are working on origami solar panels.

Good to know: Fictional products cannot violate trademarks.

Moscow has an army of online trolls at its command. Daisy Sindelar wonders how much they matter.

It’s kind of funny when conservatives are saying “OMG what about the birds!” and liberals are saying “They’re just birds, get over it.

Drill, Baby Drill! The benefits of rote memorization in math.

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  1. Peter says:

    Years ago, well before oil, I read somewhere that people from North Dakota often made excellent employees for most any type of business: clever, industrious, good work habits. At the time I worked with a man from Minnesota and figured he might know. He said that was pretty much true.

    • trumwill says:

      I wouldn’t be urprised. Though from whatI understand South Dakota has an employee shortage that is frustrating their attempts to recruit businesses. I wouldn’t be surpluses if North Dakota would, too, even without the boom.

      Or maybe not, given the number of out of staters who go there for college and stick around.

  2. Φ says:

    It’s kind of funny when conservatives are saying “OMG what about the birds!” and liberals are saying “They’re just birds, get over it.

    Except . . . I didn’t actually find the words “liberal” and “conservative” in the article, nor any obvious proxies for them.

    • trumwill says:

      Google Washington Free Beacon solar birds to get an idea of what I’m talking about. To be fair, they are tongue in cheek, but organizations like the Washington Times are stepping up on the subject while Demicrats tend to move towards offering indemnity when said birds are endangered and outlets like Blooberg are all about keeping perspective.

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