babypredatorUber drivers are protesting outside company headquarters. Maybe they should unionize. Or demand a medallion system.

A lot of patient care isn’t as exciting or mysterious as it is on TV.

Contraception at the push of a button.

Rachel M Cohen argues that we may have a right to free parking.

Walter Frick argues that patents are stifling innovation and Vox lays out the case against software patents. JVL chimes in with Patent Trolling for Dollars.

Know what Detroit needs? Detroit needs goats.

I previously mentioned a mammoth waterslide in Kansas City. Here’s a video. And here’s a scary ride in Denmark.

Boom California looks at San Fransisco’s housing crunch, and by way of explaining it convinced me that whatever SF’s faults, the blame lies more with its neighbors. Like Palo Alto and its zero growth vision.

In marriage, men see trouble with the existence of negatives, while women are more likely to notice the absence of positives.

After spending a week on the cell phone to end all cell phones in 2004, Ashley Feinberg reports that it actually kind of sucks. Good battery life, though.

According to the WSJ, there’s a labor shortage in long-range trucking, and economic mobility is alive and well for those who get vocational training.

Curiously, even as more and more people are out of work, it’s taking employers longer and longer to fill vacancies.

Even Alyssa Rosenberg is disturbed by the blurring of art criticism and political criticism, and that’s her job!

One of those subjects that leaves me entirely clueless on ethics and morality… making contact with isolated tribes like those in Brazil.

Earth’s magnetic field is weakening.

It is estimated by some that one in ten father-child relationships are a result of false paternity. That, it turns out, is likely bunk.

Matt K Lewis makes the conservative case for new urbanism.

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  1. Like Palo Alto and its zero growth vision.

    In contrast, based on the implicit lock down in zoning in many local governments in Nassau County, we’re doing the same thing here, but under the idea that we’re “preserving our suburban character” in lieu of any sense of environmentalism.

  2. kirk says:

    Regarding the woman giving up her smartphone, I didn’t get some of her references. The terms “threaded conversations,” “SMS,” and “iMessage” all totally lost me, as did the screen caps of some of her supposed digital misadventures.

    How much does a smartphone really cost? I’ve looked at three different articles on the subject, including one that had a calculator, and still have only a vague idea. (I don’t know what “tethering” is, and I have no idea how many GB’s/month I’d need, so the calculator was useless.)

    Some of the plans look to cost $80-$200 month. That’s way too much.

    • trumwill says:

      Once you have one, it’s hard to go without.

      It used to be that you could have a smartphone without the data -plan, which cost similarly to regular phones (though you still had to buy the phone). They changed that a little while back. I complained about it a lot, at the time.

      Now, though, it would be hard to go without.

    • You can get a pre-paid Straight Talk wireless plan for $45, and there plenty of cheap Android smartphones for $100. Decent older models for $150. 🙂

  3. kirk says:

    Finally found an informative article.

    Turns out that over a two-year period, they all come in at around $3,800.

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