FireplaneI’m not a big fan of the cameos in Atlas Shrugged. I guess commercially it’s good for publicity, but like having Bill O’Reilly in Iron Man, it’s a bit jarring. It would be kind of cool if they were playing people that weren’t themselves (like Hannity appearing as a defender of the latest government initiative).

Depending on how the courts decide on the subsidies, declining to set up state exchanges may have been the smart move.

If being wrong feels so good, you don’t wanna be right.

The drought situation, in maps and images.

The attempts to shoehorn a local (American) angle here notwithstanding, this story about India’s trash situation is quite interesting.

The effects of gambling (and casinos) on the poor is abysmal. These are the sorts of issues that really test my libertarian self (and kind of kick his ass, actually).

Richard Florida gloats about 19 of 51 cities where the cities are growing faster than their suburbs. That sounds impessive, until you remember the base points. By the same numbers, suburbs are actually gaining more people.

Our next housing crisis may be in the rental market.

Americans not only don’t get government-mandated vacation time. We fail to take advantage of the vacation time we’re offered.

The more maddening I find a paywall, the more likely that the paywall is having some success. I find Financial Times’ paywall to be very maddening.

Utah’s non-Mormon paper looks like it might be eaten up by its Mormon paper.

There is a myth that it’s bad for children under four to spend the night with their (separated) father, and it’s persisting despite a lack of scientific basis.

Let’s take something with all of the downsides of cohabitation, and validate and formalize it! I’d say “If you’re not sure, then cohabitate.” Except that cohabitation’s track record isn’t particular good. Instead, if you’re not sure, focus on “Why am I not?” and go from there.

The chief problem with global warming, unlike many things it is compared to, it’s an international problem with greatly differing costs among the needed participants, however hopeful some may be about India.

The laws surrounding child pornography are problematically broad. “Possessing child porn in digital form is against a law that isn’t realistic in the digital world.”

Fewer young people are using sunscreen! Bad news! Or is it? According to a scientist in Seattle, sunscreen is bad for you.

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  1. Peter says:

    I haven’t been to gambling casinos very often, but when I have, it looks like most of the patrons are doofy old people or maniacal-looking Asians. Not the sophisticated, well-dressed jet setters you see in the ads.

    • trumwill says:

      Back home, the folks who populate casinos (Indian casinos, usually) seem to overlap a fair amount with those who populate the Golden Corral, except more white.

  2. fillyjonk says:

    A number of our college students work at the big local casino (large employer and treats its employees marginally better than wal-mart does). One once commented to me that it made him sad when “check day” (Social Security) rolled around because he knew the casino would be packed with with people who could ill-afford to gamble. Another one commented, because this is an Indian casino, “We took their land. Now they’re winning it back from us, acre by acre.”

    I dunno. I could afford to gamble but I’m too cheap to, and also, stuff like slot machines looks really BORING.

    • trumwill says:

      At the reservation where Clancy worked, the local KFC staffed based on monthly government checks. They’d have a full staff on the payday, then would have less people working as business declined until the next one.

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