My brother and I were talking about bad waitering the other day and he came up with a bizarre one. He was wearing a University of Delosa shirt and the waiter, a Southern Tech alum, started badmouthing the school. “You went to DU? I’m sorry.” and started uptalking our football program. Bantering between alums of rival schools is not uncommon, but it’s not particularly wise when you’re waiting on their table. Futhermore, it’s not a good idea to talk football trash when your team can’t seem to beat theirs to save your life.

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4 Responses to How Not To Get A Good Tip

  1. Abel says:

    Your brother should have said, “See what happens to those Souther Tech grads? They end up waiting tables after they graduate.” 🙂

  2. Abel says:

    Now that I think about it, he should only say that if he wants something to happen to his food. Best to save that line until he’s paid the bill.

  3. Bob V says:

    Have you noticed that those are the teams whose fans trash talk the most? On the court or field, I don’t think there is much of a correlation. However, fans from less successful schools seem to have the biggest mouths.

  4. trumwill says:

    Abel, not sure if the guy had graduated, though heaven knows half of the liberal arts department ends up waiting tables 🙂

    Bob, the worst ones in my observation are those from schools that win a lot but never win champions. I remember grads from one school bragging forcefully that their school had either beaten the conference champion, had a better record than the conference champion every year except those when the conference champion went undefeated. Of course, they’d never won an actual championship. Miami fans are notably less obnoxious when they’re actually winning championships. It’s when they’re 8-3 that they’re claiming that they “really” the best team in the country. When they’re 12-0 they don’t have to convince anyone. So yeah, teams that actually win championships are generally more bearable than those that don’t.

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