The very first "Hit Coffee Mug" picture in 2005. (Never used.)

The very first “Hit Coffee Mug” picture in 2005. (Never used.)

The famous Hit Coffee mug was obtained roughly ten years ago. It was a freebie gift for the contracting agency where I briefly worked, taking calls for CignalTV. I didn’t work there very long, leaving with some memories and that mug.

The mug became the primary icon of Hit Coffee shortly after the site was started. I needed some sort of object for the header photos and it was the only mug I had handy without some conspicuous logo on it. You may notice that the picture of the mug is always taken with the handle to our right. That’s because to take it on the other side is the name of the company that gave me the mug.

Despite the mug, and the icon of myself with a cup in my hand, the site has nothing to do with coffee itself. I’ve honestly never been a big fan of the drink.

That’s changed over the six months or so as I have tried to make a point of drinking coffee with regularity. I am mostly trying to transition away from drinking as much as I do in the way of soft drinks, and coffee is a good replacement. I only learned how to actually make coffee from beans about four months ago.

It is with a touch of irony that my newfound interest in coffee resulted in the destruction of the mug that has been this site’s icon for so long. I decided about a week ago to start using the official mug for my morning coffee drink. it turns out that, after ten years, it’s not particularly sturdy. The lid broke.

I can probably glue it back together for the sake of using it for pictures. Which strangely feels more “false” now than it did before. at least before, I knew that I could drink coffee from it. I will hold on to the mug, but I may get a new one as the site’s icon.

A coffee mug that I shall actually drink coffee from.

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