KickedTowerA Harvard sleep specialists argues that sleep is more important than practice for championship sports teams.

Universities may not be hospital to conservatives, but have become an unexpected laboratory and farm system for the GOP.

Some guy went to North Korea and learned twenty things.

Remember the whole Faces of Meth thing from Oregon? I was reminded of that when looking at these pictures of housing in Detroit.

Japanese guide learning to use the word “fuck.”

Men’s Journal explains the genius of Subaru.

Adam Ozimek tackles the “Should everyone go to college” question. Derek Thompson looks at which degrees and colleges don’t pay off.

Katherine Mangu is right: Text from the toilet with pride!

Daniel Fincke takes issue with the notion that “You can’t stop teenagers from having sex!” because he was so stopped.

Paging Former Mayor Bloomberg: Divorce is linked to obesity in children.

Sprawl, in animated GIF form.

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