Alabama: Apple CEO Tim Cook is apparently a native of the Yellowhammer State, and says his life was changed there.

Alaska: Researchers plan to give away pregnancy tests in Alaska bars.

Arizona: Scott Fistler a Republican running for Arizona District 7 congressional seat. Cesar Chavez a Democrat running for the Arizona District 7 congressional seat. They’re the same guy.

Arkansas: Little Rock VA patients wait two months, on average, to establish care.

California: The experiment in San Francisco with peak price parking is, according to supporters, working very well

Colorado: The Centennial State has become something of a hub for space business.

Connecticut: A hoarder in Connecticut was killed when her floor collapsed.

Delaware: Delaware celebrates not being Pennsylvania.

Florida: In Tampa, a family ate a steak that was laced with LSD and while at the hospital had a baby who was not a hallucination.

Georgia: An Atlanta father and son reeled in an 880 pound fish.

Hawaii: NASA planned to test out a flying saucer over the islands, but alas it didn’t quite pan out.

Idaho: It was an exciting day, with a Moose on the loose.

Illinois: Meet the ten most boring places in Illinois.

Indiana: Minor League baseball team Gary Southshore Railcats have decided to theme their uniforms for Michael Jackson.

Iowa: Due to having one of their offerings getting the distinction of “Worst restaurant meal in America”, eight Long John Silver’s Iowa locations are closing.

Kansas: There were tales of a water slide so powerful that it sent its riders airborne. Turns out, that isn’t true. Still looks like a badarse ride, though.

Kentucky: To protect its servers, a restaurant in Newport became a no tipping establishment.

Louisiana: National ethanol policy is threatening Louisiana’s shrimp season.

Maine: Local quilters are joining astronauts in completing a space quilt.

Michigan: A man in West Michigan needs your help to remove his nearly 100 pound scrotum.

Minnesota: The Minnesota Vikings want an MLS soccer team.

Mississippi: According to some reports KFC ejected a girl whose face was disfigured by a pit-bull attack was asked to leave a KFC for ‘disrupting the customers’ with her presence. Except that KFC says that didn’t actually happen and the Facebook page for it has disappeared, but KFC says it will be paying for girl’s medical bills anyway.

Missouri: A pair of Kansas City twins were born 39 days apart.

Montana: Hannibal Anderson and Lisa Grace want Montana’s urban and rural areas to get along better.

Nebraska: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is scaling back the assigned risk to the state’s nuclear power plants.

Nevada: There is a controversy in the Miss USA pageant: Miss Nevada may not actually be a Nevadan.

New Hampshire: The drunkest state in the union? The least drunk is, of course, Utah.

New Jersey: The Garden State is apparently the home of a sixteen foot great white shark.

New Mexico: A bachelor party finds a rare mastadon fossil.

New York: Nobody seems to want to and/or be able to live there, but Lloyd Alter says Buffalo is da bomb.

North Carolina: The horrifying story of a daycare center used as a pornography outfit.

North Dakota: The oil boom is a bonanza for archaeologists.

Ohio: A surgeon in Ohio makes $2,800,000 a year.

Oklahoma: A dog stolen in Houston was discovered two years later in the Sooner State.

Oregon: In addition to being one of two states that won’t let you pump your own gas, Oregon is one of four states that has outlawed bail bonds and bounty hunters.

Pennsylvania: An eighth grader dropped out of the honor society because she was tired of taking drug tests.

Rhode Island: The Ocean State probably has the worst economy in the country.

South Carolina: In the Carolina waters, it’s difficult to know if you’re in North Carolina or South Carolina, which is important as far as fishing laws go.

South Dakota: Ever wonder what it looks/sounds like to be in the middle of a South Dakota tornado? Here you go.

Tennessee: A woman in Memphis was banned after trying to climb the fence and give cookies to lions.

Texas: A house in San Antonio dangles over a lake cliff, while a sonar reveals that Houston’s bayous house over 100 vehicles.

Utah: Residents are having to bail out their local-utility attempt to provide fiber broadband.

Vermont: Environtmentalists in the Green Mountain State are leading the fight against wind turbines.

Virginia: A prom king in Norfolk was, fortunately, able to make the ceremony after getting bailed out of jail for his involvement in a drive-by shooting.

Washington: A four year old girl solved the mystery of a break-in.

West Virginia: Verizon turned its landline business over to a competitor, and complaints dropped by two-thirds

Wisconsin: The Badger State not only has beaches, but has a nude beach. Unfortunately, the state’s beaches as a whole ranked 23rd out of 30 in terms of water quality.

Wyoming: Residents of Wyoming are getting antsy as the resource boom encroaches on their cities.

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