growlGoogle Now can remember where you parked! Remembering to do this would have been very, very helpful in DC. Sorry Vikram!

An ethical question: Should your driverless car kill you to save two other people? That ethical/philosophical question doesn’t seem so pointless now, does it? [More]

Chinese employers are moving to Africa.

Houston’s bayous house over 100 vehicles.

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry says that Europe’s desire for a “Right to be forgotten” is emblematic embrace of its own decline.

The case for biking without a helmet. I don’t think I can sell Clancy on this…

Obesity comes from everywhere and nowhere at all.

This student loan calculator is pretty cool. Turns out, student loan amounts for students at Southern Tech are less than I would have guessed. Less than most schools I have found, in fact, both above us and below us in the pecking order.

What did addicts learn from DARE? How to smoke crack.

Near-earth orbit is getting cluttered with garbage.

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  1. Φ says:

    The howiechong article on bicycle helmets makes many supported (and unsupported) claims, but a claim that any individual cyclists is safer without a helmet is not one of them; indeed, the author specifically disclaims this repeatedly.

    The ’96 Australian study, in particular, does suggest that fear of cycling related head injuries is overblown relative to other causes. But the ’78 San Diego study is basically irrelevant, failing as it does to account for differences in the relative numbers of cycling-hours and driving-hours in the population that produced the 53% to 6% difference in head injury source between driving and cycling.

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