Going cold turkey on opiates while pregnant can result in a miscarriage. Taking opiates – even in a maintenance program – isn’t allowed and will trigger CPS interest. NBC has a good piece on the conflict that occurs when following doctors’ orders is illegal.

David Leonhardt sparked a conversation about student debt, citing a study suggesting that the problem really isn’t people that racked up huge amounts of debt and graduated but rather those who racked up smaller debts and didn’t. Peter Coy added on. Cloire Sicha takes serious issue with the methodology. Freddie defends the study and Matt Phillips argues that the skew in coverage (towards graduates with a lot of debt, instead of drop-outs with less) is steeped in class.

Aaron Carroll writes with nihilism – and truth – on just how bleak the picture is for people trying to achieve permanent weight loss.

More nihilism: Short of shrinking the stomach, almost nothing works on a scale. (Note: If 95% of people can’t do something, it cannot really be said to work.

This didn’t actually “destroy my understanding of time”… but this list did tickle the mind a bit when considering the various cogs of time whirling.

History may have given Douglas McArthur a bum deal.

Russia ran a sleep deprivation experiment and found out what happens when people don’t sleep.

Olga points to an office for introverts. With the cubicle having become so standardized, will future generations look at the desire for anything else (other than shared workspaces, of course) as anti-social and Not The Way Things Should Be? For my own part, the open nature of cubes was probably good for the introvert in me, to get me to push my boundaries.

Extroverts do not want to go to Mars.

Piracy hasn’t lead to less music, because most musicians don’t expect to make much money. I suspect, if piracy or extreme price pressures were to hit books, the same would be true there. It’s film and TV I’m worried about, because it’s hard to justify the expense if you’re not going to make money. And yet… we have simply seen no sign of abatement, yet, and more rather than fewer outlets are creating original programming.

Ghostbusters! The Infographic.

Fifty states… as high school kids. I want to meet Louisiana and Idaho (unless Idaho actually is armed). I think I was Montana.

What would happen if we let states draw their own boundaries and how would that effect transportation? He has also looked at why states are an anachronism and why they matter.

I learned this a little while back in conversations with Jonathan McLeod, but apparently the North Pole has become an expression of Canadian nationalism.

Even unpleasant journeys often end up looking glamorous.

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7 Responses to Linkluster Flash Point of Paper

  1. A 4 says:

    Fortunately, that sleep study was fictional. Yikes.

  2. fillyjonk says:

    Yeah, I was suspicious, and not just because it was linked from creepypasta. (Some of the medical detail at the end: people were reported as surviving injuries that are probably not survivable, esp. in an era when antibiotics were less widespread)

      • fillyjonk says:

        Frankly, I’d RATHER believe that was a creepy made-up story than something that really happened. Or could happen. (I suspect people hallucinate badly but eventually die of extreme sleep deprivation….though without some stimulant, they’d pass out long before they died)

        • trumwill says:

          Yeah, my preference that really odd stories be true does kind of make me odd. Your preference for a more sane world is likely more valid.

  3. fillyjonk says:

    And: I am an introvert, and I still don’t want to go to Mars.

    • trumwill says:

      I go back and forth on it myself. I really love the idea of being a part of a small civilization. On the other hand, my time in smalltown America has taught me that I am an odd duck, I need other odd ducks, and since the number of odd ducks is proportional to the population, I am more likely to find other odd ducks in a larger society over a smaller one.

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