SurfingDuckHadley Freeman is worried that the fashions of the 90’s are making a comeback. I’ll take the 90’s over the 80’s any day.

The phenomenon of tattoos endlessly baffles me. Mostly because things change, and they’re so hard to get rid of. Getting rid of them, though, is booming business.

Even if you’re not really all that desirable, the romantic marketplace may have a shelf for you. if you’re unique. As Forrest Gump says,g “If you can’t sing good, sing loud.”

Everyone remembers when Tom Cruise was jumping on that sofa and being all freaky on the Oprah Winfrey show. The thing is, how we remember it didn’t happen. Amy Nicholson explains why this is important to our national popular culture.

Ugh. Kids today. They’re so… well-behaved.

Germany hasn’t kicked its coal habit, which is coming at a cost. On the other hand, they’ve reportedly set a record for renewable power generation (though, according to Patrick Cahalan, they sort of gamed the statistics.

Russ George wants feverishly to stop global warming, and scientists and environmentalists want to stop him.

According to Wendell Cox, the vast majority of metro growth between 1990 and 2010 was in the suburbs. In 1990, 82% of metro areas were suburban, and in 2010 it’s 86%.

Introducing a $22,000 home. Not exactly child-friendly, but pretty neat all the same.

I’ve found myself wondering about North Dakota scenarios in the event that something happens to Clancy, and specifically what I’d do about housing. It’s surprising how much room they can put into mobile homes, these days. It makes me think of how poorly-managed our regular houses often are.

Clancy has become interested, lately, in those “build your own home” things. I have a thing about pre-fab homes.

All reigns must come to an end, and so may it be with Moore’s Law.

Statistics can be a great tool of self-deceptions.

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  1. fillyjonk says:

    The guy who wants to fertilize the oceans to ‘stop global warming’ is still at it? I remember people expressing alarm about him some 20 years ago….

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