ouchIn Tampa, a family ate a steak that was laced with LSD and while at the hospital had a baby who was not a hallucination.

Emily Bazelon and Daniel Drezner point out that there are tradeoffs involved when trying to combat sexual assault on campus, and have some sensible suggestions. Shorter version: Higher standard of proof, but harsher punishments.

Related to a recent post of mine… Kay Hymowitz says that parental self-expectations are making parents miserable.

Marriage rates track with all sorts of good outcomes on both an individual and societal level. Steve Waldman thinks that promoting marriage on that basis is a bad idea. Education tracks similarly, and Scott Sumner explains why promoting education on that basis is a bad idea.

Many in Europe want to become what the Ukraine is trying to escape.

Idahoans are having lots of sex to get pregnant. Washington DCers, maybe less so.

Intra-Euroland immigration into the UK is complex. While Polish Plumbers have become a shorthand, immigrants from different places have different effects and different receptions.

Norwegian Air wants to making international flights cheaper for Americans, and United and Delta want to stop them.

Mozilla is going to sell a $25 smartphone in India. I wonder if it’s a better or worse phone than some of the old smartphones I have around here that I have no idea what to do with.

Reihan Salam thinks we need to hold colleges accountable for student outcomes. It’s an interesting thought, but for better or worse it strikes me as an incentive for colleges to pick their students wisely.

I’ve commented in the past that we don’t raise the gas tax because people are stubbornly opposed to it. I could be wrong, it turns out.

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  1. Peter says:

    The British may complain about poor, crime-prone immigrants from Romania, but they’d sooner have ten thousand Romanians than a hundred Pakistanis.

    • trumwill says:

      That I wouldn’t know. 10,000-to-100 is a pretty big ratio, though.

      Romania is one of those countries I so rarely hear much about. When I think of eastern European immigrants into the UK, I of course think of the poles.

      On a sidenote, I forget what a huge role ethnicity plays over there. Some exceptions are made here, of course – I think particularly on the east coast – but we tend to roll a lot into “white.” Italians being a sort of exception on the east coast, and Armenians in some pockets, but we do sort of melt together in a way they often don’t. The power of national borders, I guess.

      • I think particularly on the east coast

        FWIW, I suspect you really mean the Northeast where even the white immigrants are “one generation from the boat”, and the old ethnic traditions are far more likely to linger, especially now with easy communication with the homeland, and acceptance of said traditions. It’s even easier to be Greek or Italian when you can call “home” for nearly nothing on Skype, satellite packages offer programming from your respective home country, and flights back are cheaper than ever.

        The power of national borders, I guess.

        Even within larger countries, regions play a role as well. It’s not just the UK with Scotland, Ulster, and Wales, or Spain with Catalonia, but within Germany, there’s a split between the South and the North. Regional differences have been somewhat muted with Americans, but we tend to move around a lot, and demographics have shifted a sizable chunk of country to other areas. In contrast, you don’t see such shifts in a country like Germany, so even people within your own country can feel strange and foreign.

        • trumwill says:

          I mean “DC on up”, though I could be overestimating the relevance of ethnicity in, say, Baltimore.

          I had considered Scots to be kind of the (white) southerners. Is it really still viewed in an ethnic rather than cultural light?

  2. Norwegian Air wants to making international flights cheaper for Americans, and United and Delta want to stop them.

    I am shocked that our carriers would resent competition!

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