OwlCoffeeCan we use lasers to catch drunk drivers?

You may have seen a map of “74 school shootings since Newtown.” It’s… highly dubious. [More]

If democracy is the worst kind of government except all others, can we come up with a better one? io9 has twelve alternatives from science fiction.

We think of good dads mostly as being good for their sons, but they affect their daughters, too.

Single fatherhood is becoming more common, up from 1% in 1960 to 8% now, and from 14% of single-parent households to almost a quarter.

Only 3% of Swedes lead unhappy lives. Yet some people leave Sweden, though, and here’s why.

Leaving Russia behind.

Amazon is relegating Hachette’s wears until or unless Hachette agrees to terms more favorable to Amazon. Commentary on the issue has almost all been sympathetic to Hachette. At the Guardian, Barry Eisler takes a different view.

Black markets on the web may lessen drug violence.

Non-complete clauses are becoming more common, and Alex Tabarrok argues this represents a threat to innovation.

Lorenzo lays out the case for small nations.

Bobby Jindal is virtually deregulating the sale of homemade foods!

Job licensing in service-oriented industry inflates wages by fifteen percent. Vox has a run-down. Interestingly, it’s more common in the South and West than the Northeast.

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