Luke DuBois has a large number of maps comparing men and women in various respects. The first map is loneliness and last map is the Virginity Map:


The loneliness map is about what I would expect it to be. In the male-heavy west, it’s more blue. In the woman-heavy east, it’s more red. The virginity map is more interesting. Less uniformly blue than I would expect, given what a lot of people in our corner of the ‘sphere say about such things. Less uniformly red than I would have guessed, given that it’s based on self-disclosure. It’s slightly more blue than red with some blue areas most notably along the border where there are presumably young men who came over alone. North Dakota and Alaska are pretty predictable. Wyoming was quite a surprise.

The liberal and conservative one was interesting, especially given the redness of the former.

Eastern Colorado women appear to be quite open about their craziness.

The least surprising? Women using the word “happy” a lot.

I’m really surprised that people are actually putting the word “virgin” on their profiles. It’s also weird that they would put the word “lonely.”

This is all, of course, rather unscientific. Especially the self-reporting aspect. I’m also less than entirely clear about the methodology used. But hey, maps are fun.

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  1. Peter says:

    I’ll bet that a woman who uses “lonely” or “shy” in a dating profile is likely to be a hooker.

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