I don’t understand a word in this song, but it’s a pretty awesome music video.

I actually saw it without hearing it. We were eating at a Mediterranean restaurant and it was playing as part of a loop on the TV. Along with what appeared to be random videos of southern Europe (maybe narrated, no audio). The music is okay, and in French. But it definitely caught my attention and is now on the master playlist at home. (The master playlist being about 300 or so music videos I play when I need to keep Lain occupied.

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4 Responses to HCW: Indila

  1. kirk says:

    Great video. But now it’s time for…

    Probably a little harder than what you listen to, but I’m into them. I think listening to foreign music happens when you’re just you get tired of the same-old, same-old.


    They also do a pretty good version of “Umbrella”. Better than Rhianna’s, I think.


  2. kirk says:

    Umbrella! (Sorry for the bad link before.)


  3. kirk says:

    What looks like a 12 year-old singing the Indira song.


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