Yahoo has taken to sending me a lot of emails I didn’t ask for. They have an unsubscribe option, but I have to unsubscribe to each category of mail they send me separately. So they send me something for Sports, I unsubscribe, and ten days later I am no longer receiving “digests” from Yahoo sports. Then I start getting them from Yahoo Fashion, and the process repeats itself. Now they apparently have a new digest to tell me about the features of their mobile email app.

I’m pretty sure they’re just making categories up at this point. I subscribe to this one, and there will soon be a digest for Yahoo digests for their iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone apps separately. Heck, they’ll probably create an app for Tizen just so that they can send me ten days worth of digests for it.

(The obvious solution to this is that I am going to have to work harder on filtering.)

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