CatCookSomething I did not know: UPS trucks don’t turn left.

North Dakota’s economy is sailing along, and not just the mineral-rich western part.

North Dakota finds itself dealing with radioactive waste.

Slate has an article about Germany’s Coal Pits and the nation’s difficulty in kicking its coal habit.

James Schneider revisits the Ehrlich wager (involving overpopulation). I’ve been listening to Isaac Asimov lately. One of the more interesting bits from Caves of Metal was the criticism of Malthusianism accompanied by a story of a world collapsing under the weight of eight billion people.

Sixty pictures that are reported to “perfectly capture the human spirit.” I don’t know about that last part, but there are some really great pictures in there.

Robinson Meyer explains how maps go viral.

One way to subsidize the arts, I guess: “Buy” them in lieu of taxes.

The eternal question of whether we seek out partners like ourselves or complimentary personalities has been answered, according to 538.

The Census Bureau has a good report on adoption in America (PDF). I’m honestly a bit surprised that adoption remains as common as it does, and the regional variations (map) are fascinating.

Aircraft carriers are apparently obsolete, but we’re not quite ready to let them go.

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  1. Before I actually read the UPS article, I thought it was a safety thing. One of my pet peeves as a pedestrian in Chicago is that cars often make left turns in situations that in my opinion disregards the safety of pedestrians in their way. The streets are so busy that the left-turners have to be quick and decisive, and many times they seem not to look if any pedestrians are in their way.

    • trumwill says:

      I hate, hate, hate taking left turns and will myself sometimes take three rights to avoid it.

      • For me, one of the advantages of having a car (if I had one) would be that one could go out of one’s way a bit, say, by a square city block, and at the end of it all have only wasted a few minutes.

        (P.S., I’m the same as Pierre Corneille…..I never thought I’d be one of those blog commenters who changes his name, and then accidentally comments under his old name, but it looks like that’s what I’ve done.)

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