David Jarman looks at how the Daily Kos has changed congress. As interesting as that, however, is a look at the general shifts that have occurred in congress.

The Tea Party has a candidate selection problem, and the GOP establishment has figured out how to respond.

Market forces are an important factor in the marriage gap.

Scandal! On multiple levels! A homeopathic drug company was exposed when it was discovered they put actual drugs in their products.

Cuba is complaining that forcing plain tobacco packaging is anti-capitalist.

ArsTechnica looks at the first two Ubuntu smartphones.

According to Quartz, Dropbox wants to “own your phone.” I’m pretty sure Google already owns mine.

The crisis in Russia has spawned a (somewhat minor) identity crisis in Germany. My mind has replaced the old “West Germany” with “Germany”… which leads me to forget that it’s not quite that simple.

Germany is often hailed as the superstar of the European economy. It hasn’t always been that way. In fact, it wasn’t that way pretty recently.

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