bewareColleges are spending more on athletics than ever. The biggest increases, however, are occurring at the lower levels. My own take.

The football players at Northwestern got their union vote, though we won’t know the results for some time. Not all of the players were on board.

It would say something irredeemably ugly if having worked at McDonald’s hurt your career. Fortunately, despite the recent study, it’s not quite that simple.

The “zero hour contract” is definitely indicative of a problem in the labor market. It’s hard for me to see it as not revolving around a worker surplus.

Japan has taken to making killer single malts and weapons. And it’s not just alcohol and weapons.

Japan is reinstating its nuclear program.”

Even if we had an optimal immigration policy, city-based visas would still make sense.

Low-income kids thrive in Salt Lake City, though some are worried that’s changing.

I previously wrote about the phenonon of Hollywood-generated beefcakes. Logan Hill of the Men’s Journal has more.

The New York Times has an interesting piece on the first modern cop drama, Hill Street Blues.

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  1. Kirk says:

    About male actors who are bulked-up: am I the only one noticing that Johnny Galecki looks like he’s been hitting the gym? Considering that he plays an experimental physicist who spends all his free time playing video games, I’m wondering why someone told him that he should bulk up.

    I find it a little jarring.

    Also Michael Shanks (of Stargate SG-1) and Jamie Bamber (of BSG) both ended up having arms that were ridiculous.

  2. Kirk says:

    I still think Roy Scheider was a good-looking guy. (They had Jaws on a few days ago, which made me think about it.)

  3. trumwill says:

    He makes me think of Mark Sandford, or vice-versa. Or Sanford if he were an FBI agent, which Scheider always makes me think of.

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