quinkyle: Hay hay… if you don’t mind me asking, how much did you spend on your engagement ring?

trumwill: Mine was a family heirloom, so $0

quinkyle: Well poo to you

quinkyle: haha

trumwill: … so you… uhhh… looking for an engagement ring?

quinkyle: indeed

trumwill: Outstanding!

quinkyle: Makes me cry every time I look at prices, tho

trumwill: The “norm” is supposed to be two months salary, though I don’t know how many people actually do that

quinkyle: Nah, I’m going sub $1k

trumwill: Hmmm… if you invest that money in a mask and gun you may be able to turn a profit off this aquisition.


trumwill: I assume Lizzie hasn’t said anyting about what kind of ring she would prefer?

quinkyle: Yeah, she’s given hints, but I change the subject quickly. I want to surprise her

trumwill: Hehehe… I did the same thing. I remember at a coffeehouse once she was working the conversation as best she could into her letting me know that she was ready to get married. I changed the subject so fast that she must have thought that I was utterly oblivious, mad at her, having doubts, or the biggest jerk in the world.

quinkyle: haha, I’m a bastard insofar as that’s kinda what I want her to think

quinkyle: but not really… but really

quinkyle: you know what I mean =P

trumwill: Yeah

trumwill: Hey, if she comes home to an empty apartment with all of your stuff gone, that’d *really* fool her.

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