stopGoogle Glass may be a key innovation for doctors.

Physicians are concerned that under PPACA they’re going to get stiffed.

SEC employees are not only allowed to use their inside knowledge to sell stocks, they’re required to.

Washington may not be working, but James Fallows says that our cities are.

The world’s largest solar farm is causing headaches for pilots.

The United States has West Texas and West Dakota, Australia has Western Australia, where there is a mining boom.

As we allow pot sales, the Netherlands is reversing course.

Germany has the right to kick out unemployed Spaniards.

It’s interesting how hypocrisy sometimes seems to be the most unforgivable of sins. Clancy Martin wonders if this is how it should be.

According to Alex Berube, cities and suburbs are converging.

The Guardian looks at floating cities.

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2 Responses to Linkluster Iron Ore Mines in Karnataka

  1. Peter says:

    Even without the mining Australia’s economy is doing quite well. Its unemployment rate is much lower than ours.

    • trumwill says:

      I’m a pretty big fan of Australia. They’re kind of like what I would like us to be.

      The article talks more about the state of Western Australia, which is having a really heavy mining boom.

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