thatsthemoonUninsured patients are more likely to get shuffled out to a trauma center, which turns out not to be such a bad thing for them, care-wise.

Checklists are supposed to prevent unnecessary medical errors, but recently in Ontario, they didn’t work. Why? Bill Gardner explains.

Meanwhile, in Alaska, there is the hoverturbine! World’s highest.

Nevada is going green, thanks to the green energy industry.

The various scenarios of an American-Russian war.

For fear of the demographic problems looking, Japan is considering the previously unthinkable: Immigration.

The role that a wet climate played in Genghis Khan’s conquering of Asia.

Off-the-grid living is off-limits in Florida.

A woman who purports to be an undercover cop who goes to frat parties to catch (attempted) rapists says the worst part is “Knowing that every single time I go to a party, without fail, there will be someone who tries to rape me.” … “[It takes] 30min-1h30min generally”

Conservatives are tackling criminal justice reform.

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