yumWest Virginia is on the road to making (most) pseudoephedrine prescription-only.

Aaron Carroll is coming around (a little) on retail medical clinics.

I didn’t know that there was such a thing as vertical wind turbines, but now I do and they look pretty cool and are apparently pretty efficient.

They found a chupacabra! And euthanized it.

Can we turn infrared into a renewable energy source?

The Atlantic shows sixty years of domestic migration. As always, Forbes is the best resource for current migration.

Canada demands more Canadian porn.

Erica Eichelberger went to Nigeria and met some scammers.

The law is eating away at attorney-client privilege, and the situation with the NSA is making it worse.

Bob Cooke explains what it’s like to be an undercover cop.

The story of an undercover OSI investigator who says she was raped, though the Air Force isn’t sure.

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