Several years ago my ex-girlfriend Julie and I were watching a Freddie Prinze Jr movie when we saw a preview for another FPJ flick, Down to You. Not that we could tell what the preview was for until they told us. I mean, we had our suspicions because it starred Prinze and Julia Stiles and some of the lines seemed familiar, but there were new lines, lines were voiced over scenes that they had nothing to do with in their scene in the movie, and the two had completely different plots. In the trailer we were watching, Prinze freaks out at the site of True Love and then realizes the error of his stupid, immature boy ways. But in the movie we’d just seen, it was Stiles that freaked out and left him and Prinze is left to deal with her immaturity and waits lovingly for her to realize that they were Meant To Be Together.

I remember thinking it kind of odd that they felt the need to repackage the movie for their primarily female audience. I guess some marketing folks believed that women would want to see Freddie Prinze be the immature dufus maybe because then they could vicariously place themselves in the position of patiently waiting for the man of their dreams, saying to themselves, “I’ll wait for you, Freddie!!” Even if so you’d think that they’d have figured it out before the movie was made and had the actual movie have that plot, but I guess they decided too late what kind of movie it should have been. It was actually one of the better FPJ movies from my recollection. But it’s hard to say because I try to block those movies out of my memory.

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