The past week or two, I have been trying to manipulate the baby’s bed time to synchronize things so that we are all going to sleep and waking up together. We’e all night owls by inclination, though of course Clancy has to get up early for work. Lain seems to have taken from her parents in this regard. The books all say that the ideal bed time for a baby is early, but it’s often pulling teeth to get her to move her bed time up.

The main reason for the synchronization was in preparation for our Las Vegas trip, which we embarked on yesterday due to a professional conference for Clancy. Because we were all going to be in a hotel room, in became particularly important that we be going to sleep together so that Clancy got enough sleep to actually be awake for the reason that we’re here.

Everything kind of went off the rails the night before when the baby declined to go to sleep early, pushing back our own packing plans. I was up till midnight getting everything together. Clancy was up till 2:30. We had to leave for the airport at 5:30 (a coworker of hers was picking us up).

The entire day we were obsessed with the baby’s sleep patterns for fear of what it might have meant in the night. So much so that we forgot about a critical component: us. There was little or no sleeping on the plane due to the small seats and a baby who did not appreciate being on a plane for five straight hours. We have historically preferred non-stop flights, and figured it would become even more important with the peanut. As it turns out, a layover in St. Louis or Chicago would have done us some good.

By the time we got here, we were hungry and tired. I was so tired that I just couldn’t even think straight. Clancy was even more tired despite having gotten a little nap on the plane. (She runs bigger sleep deficits more generally, and she got significantly less sleep than me the night before.) Late naps tend not to be good for the baby, but there came a point where we just had no choice. We had to risk her sleep schedule for our sleep schedule. We ended up taking a collective nap from about 5 to 8:30. I actually only slept until six but woke up completely rejuvenated. But even at 8:30 it was tough getting Clancy and Lain awake.

As it turned out, things ended up just kind of falling into place. The massive sleep deficits prevailed and when it was time for bed again, none of us had difficulty going back to sleep. And now we’re on the schedule that we had intended to be all along. More or less.

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    Limited sleep may lead to permanent loss of neurons in the locus coeruleus.

    Lost sleep leads to loss of brain cells, study suggests

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