The Netflix queue program is generally quite impressive. It does a fantastic job of balancing waiting discs that are hard to get with making sure that I’m not discless. If I’m trying to get a series with high demand or low supply, such as The Commish, and I send in four discs it’ll hold back on one of them to wait for the next disc of The Commish to come in and then keep going down the list so that I’ve always got something to watch.

The problem, though, is sometimes I am perfectly willing to wait for something, but I have no way to communicate to Netflix that I want something when it first becomes available and am willing to go discless until that happens. They recently released the fifth season of NewsRadio, but it’s either long on demand or short on supply. If I knew that sending in one at a time would result in it holding back and waiting for it, I’d do that, but I really don’t know how exactly it’s going to prioritize and fear that I might just keep getting the next one. I don’t want to send in all four three times just to get that series cause that might put me on Netflix’s “naughty” list of customers that they lose money on for turning around discs too quickly.

Speaking of NewsRadio DVDs, I made an interesting discovery. They have one episode, The Injury, on the collections for both Season Two and Season Three. Apparently they filmed it to appear early in Season Two but for some reason didn’t air it until Season Three. Odd that they would put it on both DVD collections, though.

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  1. logtar says:

    Switch to blockbuster… that is if you have a store near you… it works out sooooo great. Movies come in, return them to the store, automatically off your queue… ah movie bliss

  2. trumwill says:

    I was actually enrolled for Blockbuster for about six days. They were rather dishonest in their availability (listing things that you have no way of knowing they don’t have until you sign up), which reminded me of what I don’t like about Blockbuster to begin with. Blockbuster and Best Buy both have some serious honesty problems, if they told me the sky wasn’t red I’d have to look out the window and check.

    I’m curious, though, if they do or do not penalize high-turnover customers as Netflix does. I’ve heard that they do, but if they don’t I might need to give them another look. Are you a high-turnover customer? How often do you swap out DVDs?

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