GoofyLaundryMachineThird-hand smoke exposure is just as deadly as smoking! Ack! Except that it’s not, of course, and eventually making everything as dangerous as smoking makes smoking actually look less dangerous (if anyone actually believed it).

Science, health and the human mind are funny things. The power of placebo.

Ack! Some crocodiles can climb trees!

NIMBYism is trying to kill housing in Evanston, Illinois, due to fear of transient academics.

A builder in Portland found it easier to build affordable housing without public funding (other than some waivers) than with the strings attached to public funding.

Maybe in the future, houses will be built in 24 hours by 3D printers.

Is your job in another state? Click here to find out!

You might be able to find a job in a lot of places (or a job that goes a lot of places), if you’re a clown, because there’s a shortage.

While raising the minimum wage will hurt McDonald’s, it’ll just be replaced by something else. The shift towards upscale has its own concerns, though.

Ryan Noonan, formerly of Ordinary Times, co-wrote an interesting paper on manufacturing wages.

According to new research from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, extended unemployment benefits boosted our jobless numbers.

The dumb rubes in the working class aren’t the ones driving our political polarization. It’s folks who have education and income.

We think of The Big Sort as ideology determining geology. But what if it’s the other way around? I actually notice a tendency among optimistic ideologues who believe that people who relocate will absorb the politics of where they move to but then argue that the ideology of the places will shift as people move to it. There’s some truth to both of these things, but not in a predictable sort of way that justifies ideological optimism.

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