CatTakesOffThere are, and have been, a pretty crazy number of indoor football leagues over the years. Here’s Wikipedia’s list.

Some people like to be able to say that they listen to music that nobody else does. Here’s a tool to help you with that.

Next week the NCAA will (likely) vote on The Saban Rule, which in true college fashion will call a “delay of game” penalty on teams that move the ball too quickly. Michael Reagan and Robert Charette think it’s a stupid idea. To be fair, anything that makes Alabama vulnerable must be unfair, right?

Glyph approves of The LEGO Movie, but Sonny Bunch says it exemplifies everything wrong with LEGOs.

This article’s title is stupid because wind power isn’t boring (windmill farms are cool looking!). The map is pretty cool, though.

Nuclear power seems to operate in a real sour spot, the anti-Goldilocks. It’s considered more expensive than coal and less environmentally friendly than solar rather than more green than coal and cheaper than solar.

California now boasts the world’s largest solar thermal grid, but its droughts are complicating the solar energy project.

North Dakota pumped a record 313.5 million barrels of oil last year and some are arguing that we need to lift our export embargo.

I’ve previously mentioned the potential inconvenience of a man banned from the US becoming the Indian prime minister. The Global posts says Hindu fundamentalists are taking over India.

Queen Elizabeth is running out of money? Woah.

In the face of (religious?) cartels and crime, Mexico is turning to sponsored vigilantism.

A London court is putting the LDS Church on trial. With our First Amendment protections, the concept seems alien to us. Even over there, their legal experts are surprised.

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  1. mike shupp says:

    Matthew Yglesias neglects some stuff. In the US, we haven’t ALLOWED new reactor designs for better than 30 years, and we ususally stick power companies with ten years of reviews and public comment, etc. between initial application and final approval. Environmental concerns are big issues, ditto general NIMBY-ism. To MY this is “economics.” To ME, it looks a bit like politics.

    Put it this way: If oil fracking operated under similar rules, would it look so wonderful?

    • Trumwill says:

      This is a good point, though I have heard rather repeatedly (from sources I trust) that there aren’t actually all that many proposals out there and not because of regulation. The barriers of regulation and regulatory uncertainty do add another reason for investors to stay away, though.

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