BabyBirdHeadAccording to a trial judge in St. Louis, we have a First Amendment right to warn drivers about speed traps.

Note to congress: Pretty much anything that gives carriers incentive or justification to take more control over their phones and phone ownership is a bad idea. And so it is with the kill switch.

Gordon Kelly argues that Lenovo’s purchase of Motorola was a genius move on par with their purchase of the ThinkPad line, and that this follows Google’s brilliance in purchasing and dumping Motorola as a pressure point against Samsung.

Apple is looking towards cars and medical devices to ignite growth. Google should have made the former a priority a long time ago. I’ve been wanting to get Android in my car for a while, but it hasn’t been made easy.

Oddly, Windows XP gained market share in January.

Just when you think the tinkerers can’t tinker with something because it’s settled, they go an invent a new kind of doo.

Introducing the secret origin of masked superheroes and adventurers.

Peter Lawler makes the case that Man of Steel was about Plato’s Republic.

So there’s apparently a French superhero show called H-Man. Now with Fionna Apple.

A Chinese con artist is bilking people… with superpowers! Fake superpowers, of course.

Hit Coffee favorite Mark Mangino has lost 127 pounds and starting next season will be the offensive coordinator at Iowa State.

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