LlamaHeadAdvanced Cell Technology, which is the only US outfit running clinical trials on embryonic stem cell therapies, is having some financial woes while the US and Japan are achieving a possible stem cell breakthrough.

Pollution from drilling the Athabasca oil sands in Alberta may be a lot worse than estimated.

In Texas, local residents are paying the price for fracking. Such things are one of my discomforts with fossil fuel exploitation, which I am generally supportive of. Not that there are these costs, as I believe under current constraints they are still outweighed by the overall benefit, but the mismatch between cost payers and benefit recipients is disturbing.

Kevin Williamson, meanwhile, writes a full-throttle defense of fracking.

I know at least couple creationists who will feel vindicated by the news that the Grand Canyon may not be as old as previously suspected.

Facebook knows when you fall in love and here’s how. I have previously written about how Facebook should take a greater role in establishing whether there is or is not a relationship.

Need up-to-the-minute dating advice? Here’s an app that lets you crowdsource your date.

If you’re a researcher and you’re asking a bunch of teenagers about sex, you might should consider that they are lying to you.

More online dating data! Use these words to be more attractive to women.

Lawyers are trying to sort out who owns a married man’s sperm.

How can we increase trust in driverless cars? I wonder if American litigiousness might result in their appearing abroad before they start showing up here.

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  1. says:

    There are theories that some types of cancer arise from stem cells. It worries me a bit that the stress that causes the cells to assume a less-differentiated state could also damage DNA and thereby raise the potential that cells derived from the stressed parent might go rogue. I could also be wrong, but it is a reason not to get too drawn into the hype that always seems to accompany biomedical news.

  2. Brandon Berg says:

    There’s some question regarding the legitimacy of the stem cell breakthrough.

    By the way, am I just imagining things, or have we been hearing about how scientists have finally figured out how to turn adult cells into stem cells on a fairly regular basis for the past decade or so?

  3. Brandon Berg says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion that using “whom” is more a marker for having the ability and desire to write a profile that makes one sound reasonably intelligent than a causal factor.

  4. Kirk says:

    Seeing as it serves no purpose (other than to trip people up), the word “whom” should be stricken from the dictionary. And let’s just all agree that there is no wrong way to use lie/lay/laid. As long as you’re understood, the usage of any three is correct.

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