While the recession hit men harder than women, it’s women who are facing longer-term unemployment.

Recent research says that offshoring is overrated at least when it comes to R&D. I wonder if this is why we’re hearing less about its inevitability in the tech world. My own observational experiences are that it isn’t the threat that we have made it out to be (in the tech sector, at least). I’ve seen it tried at multiple employers, and it either doesn’t work out or when cuts are made they are made over there and not over here.

tigerhugIndia apparently has an industry around street-typing, but it’s disappearing.

Japan is aging, here’s a positive spin on how it’s adapting.

There are a lot of misperceptions about World War I. We’ve recently discovered that we have underestimated the death count by a significant margin.

Scotland is looking towards tidal power.

Kaiser has a good report from 2012 on why health care costs are rising. An interesting fact from it: In 1970, out-of-pocket costs for health care was 40% of the total. By 2010, that had fallen to 14%.

There’s a new class of cancer treatment that may significant increase patients’ odds of survival. Unfortunately, it’s expensive. It’s pressuring physicians to control costs.

io9 has stories on rotating buildings and “skytwisters

Japan has been shockingly successful at keeping Tokya as affordable as possible.

Public Interest Design is changing how we do things. Good.is has numerous examples.

Jim Russell argues that walkability won’t attract talent. People need transit.

For Mr. Huntrice: Seinfeld reunion?

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  1. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    Seinfeld reunion

    Believe it or not I was actually listening to Boomer & Carton when this interview was happening. It is well worth a listen.

    For those who don’t know who Boomer & Carton are, Boomer is former NFL MVP Boomer Esiason and Carton is Craig Carton, who made headlines by making fun of the wife of then-NJ Acting Governor Richard Codey, calling her “crazy” because she had post-partum depression. Codey responded, “I wish I weren’t governor, I’d take you out”.

  2. Peter says:

    In 2007, 35 percent of long-term unemployed were women; last year that figure stood at 44 percent. Part of that may have to do with married households where women filled in as breadwinners when their male spouses lost their jobs, and then they returned to homemaking as their husbands rejoined the workforce.

    Quite a mistake for the article’s author to have made. A woman who withdraws from the workforce to become (or resume being) a housewife will no longer be counted as part of the labor force and will not be considered unemployed.

  3. says:

    In addition to being expensive in their own right, some of those immune system stimulating anti-cancer drugs cause expensive complications. For instance, Yervoy, an anti-melanoma drug, causes severe colitis in some patients. I am skeptical that it will be easy to control costs when it comes to these drugs.

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