In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been having some unanticipated technical difficulties here at Hit Coffee. The main page is apparently back up, though you can’t access the individual posts, so commenting is out. Though I am apparently able to post right now, regular posting will resume once you can talk back (though I must confess I’ve been feeling a temptation to write a bunch of controversial things since no one can contradict me!).

A special thanks goes out to my webmaster Sam, who has been working hard on getting things back up and running. It has been greatly, greatly appreciated.

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3 Responses to Technical Difficulties

  1. Webmaster says:

    Comments are back up; the issue was that the permalink program is not yet enabled.

    I’ve disabled the permalink setup for the moment, and permalinks will return once I get that portion running again.

    Happy posting!

  2. Abel says:

    Glad you’re up and running again!

  3. Before Sunrise says:

    I wondered what had happened!! Glad you’re back 🙂

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