copiersSome of the people that PPACA is guiding towards Medicaid are going to be in for a surprise when they find out their estate can be billed for it.

Marvel is pulling out of bookstores, for its monthlies.

When it comes to global generosity, Americans rule.

Due to a tweak in IRS rules, restaurants may stop adding the gratuity automatically to large group checks, and this is maybe a bad thing.

A recent study suggested that MOOC completion rates are really low. Kevin Carey explains why we should ignore it.

Former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer appears to be running for president. He appears not to be running for Hillary Clinton’s second spot.

Our triumph in South Sudan is falling apart.

Good policy or not, Romneycare did very little to hold down costs. Massachusetts has the highest health costs in the country.

If economists wrote Christmas cards

Dr. Phi analyzes whether the lottery is a smart bet.

From algae to crude oil. Yay science!

As the 49ers move to Santa Clara, the Atlanta Braves are moving to the suburbs.

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  1. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    If economists wrote gift cards…

    Christmas cards, not gift cards

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