News Headline: Romney to Air Presidential Campaign Ad
Clipping: “Republican Mitt Romney, flush with cash from early fundraising, this week will air his first presidential campaign ad to introduce himself to voters in several early voting states.”
My Reaction: So wait, a presidential campaign is going to run campaign ads? That surely is news!

News Headline: Laughs End With Bizarre Britney in Rehab
Clipping: “Britney Spears has been ridiculed for everything from her 55-hour first marriage to backup-dancer second husband and her recent pantyless partying escapades. Now that she’s entered rehab, though, the joke is over.”
My Reaction: I can’t say I’m that interested anymore. Still, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a celebrity implode as quickly and thoroughly as Britney has. Who’d have thought that Keven Federline would be the more responsible parent?

News Headline: Stars Hopeful Oscar Win May Boost Gore ’08 Run
Clipping: The self-described “recovering politician” has become a star in Hollywood. Now some of Gore’s biggest fans — including some in the entertainment world — are hopeful an Academy Award will boost his chances of entering the 2008 presidential race.
My Reaction: I listened to a discussion on a potential Gore candidacy the other day and they gave a number of scenarios in which Gore could walk in and talk the nomination and maybe the presidency. He continues to deny that he’s going to run, but there is one way to know for sure: If he’s going to run for president, he’s going to need to lose some weight. While obviously not William Taft, he is nonetheless at least slightly above the weight where it becomes uncomfortable: sweating, fatigue, unflattering pictures from many angles. So if you start hearing that he’s going on a diet, it means that he’s running. Otherwise I think we can take him at his word that he is not.

News Headline: Laptop sales help HP gain at Dell’s expense
Clipping: Analysts said the surging laptop sales indicated that HP was making aggressive market-share gains at Dell’s expense in a fast-growing industry segment, and had enough momentum to extend its expansion.
My Reaction: I’m a Thinkpad loyalist but even I had to think twice about passing up HP last time I bought a laptop. HP’s deals are really quite impressive and they’re a slightly more trustable brand than Dell (which isn’t saying much). It’s important to keep an eye on what’s going on with laptop sales. The barriers to entry are so low for desktops that laptops are where the money is going to need to be made for a lot of these companies (though HP will be able to fall back on their peripherals).

News Headline: ASU helps create real face of George Washington
Clipping: ASU oversaw the 3-D scanning of historic artifacts that helped reconstruct the new Washingtons. Researchers used items that best represented his physical characteristics, including a statue, a bust and a mask created from a mold of his face. Guided by an anthropologist, they used computer software to reverse the aging process by filling in teeth, adding fat to his cheeks and smoothing wrinkles. They also aged him slightly for one image
My Reaction: I saw a special on the History Channel about this project. It’s pretty awesome. Contrary to the article, though, Washington really does look about as you would expect him to.

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  1. Used Computers says:

    I really respect your thoughts…but could you give me a detailed source of the clipping on HP that you posted….I really want to know how HP made its way on a pony ride behind Dell’s back !
    Please kindly e-mail me the clipping if you can .

  2. Cheap computers says:

    I think if people are really her fans instaed of riducling her and making commenst they should stop his and try ways to help her out of tehse situations.

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