Somehow – and I’m really not sure how – my wife ended up with a subscription to Bloomberg BusinessWeek. They just started arriving one way. If asked, I would have been vaguely interested in a subscription to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, but Clancy? Not really. Not really at all. Around the same time, Ladies Home Journal started arriving. If Bloomberg BusinessWeek was sent to her by mistake when I was the household member that might have been interested, Ladies Home Journal was a mistake altogether because there is nobody in this house remotely interested in reading that.

But Bloomberg BusinessWeek has turned out to be very good. Much better than the magazines I affirmatively subscribed to. So when I got a card from Bloomberg telling me that it was time to get a renewal at a ridiculously inexpensive rate, I figured it was worth it to do so. No free ride lasts forever and it was easily worth it.

Had I been thinking more clearly, I would have noticed that the card from Bloomberg was addressed to me and not Clancy. So the “renewal notice” had nothing to do with the fact that they’d been sending it to her.

And so… now I’m getting two copies of the magazine. His and hers.

Which is okay, I figure. My father and I are both named William Truman and now he can get a copy.

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