The process of moving Hit Coffee from WordPress 1.5 to 3.5 was not easy. There was no direct route short of sequentially installing virtually every version in between. The tricky part being the database. What I ended up doing instead was a 32-step process to incorporate the data from 1.5 into the appropriate tables and fields in 3.5. This was a 32-step process. Not just writing the code, but figuring out what the code had to do.

Two of the remaining problems have been the comments on the archives. There were two specific problems: First, the comments were not appearing in order. Second, the number of comments wasn’t showing up. It would say 0 whether there were 0 or 26. And when there were twenty six, they appeared in what seemed to be a random order.

I finally had enough of that this past week and started digging into the guts of the database to figure out what the problem was. Turns out, they were both products based on fields that did not exist in 1.5. In the case of the ordering, it was based on a GMT field independent of the field containing the post’s date and time. In the case of numeration, there is a field on the posts table dedicated to that so that it doesn’t have to be calculated each and every time. I just had to populate the fields and we were good to go.

Long story short, the conversion to is a couple steps being closer to complete. The only thing remaining, that I am aware of, are the links to old items. Internally, a link to a post in November of 2007 will work. It someone clicks on a link at Ordinary Times, though, it won’t. The old URL’s included “index.php/” while the new ones do not.

Are there any other lingering issues that you’re aware of that have been nagging at you?

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