For whatever reason – community spirit or a lot of suckers in the region – Arapaho was a hub of telemarketing activity for fundraisers, pollsters, and the like. I never got as many calls as I did while I was out there. Arapaho is a big military state and so veterans organizations call a lot. Plus, I answered that pollster once and that was blood in the water as far as they are concerned.

There are many conveniences of living in the eastern timezone. Now, when I am dealing with various family and friends in a different timezone, it’s always a later timezone. Last week I had a Google Hangout with my aunts and I got to do it at 9pm because it was earlier in their timezone.

The downside is telemarketers. We still have our (Mountain Time Zone) Arapaho phone number. We also have multiple Arapaho phone numbers, which means that we are on everybody’s list three times. And when they call at eight o’clock, our phone goes off at 10.

There isn’t much that sets me off like rocking the baby to sleep and having a telemarketing call at 11pm reversing the progress of the baby falling asleep.

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  1. kevin says:

    We got rid of our home phone because the only people that called were pollsters and telemarketers and they always called between 8:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Really made me mad because the kids were trying to go to sleep.

    • trumwill says:

      Given that I still haven’t set up Ooma yet, and I don’t find myself missing the landline, I am wondering if maybe we should do the same. At like $5 a month, it’s obviously not the cost. But the inconvenience of it may be reason enough to get rid of it.

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