Well, that (the above) is one way to screen job applicants.

GE is working on a way to solve fracking’s water contamination. I wonder if environmentalists hope that this doesn’t work, if it results in more fracking.

Miles Brundage looks at a study on automation putting people out of the job. He’s a bit skeptical.

In 1948, smog killed 70 people in Pennsylvania.

America’s retreat from marriage may have hit bottom.

I don’t know whether indefinite engagements are better or worse than shacking up. Probably better, but more frustrating in their own way.

A smartphone charger that sniffs for malware? Consider me intrigued!

Between my bluetooth earpiece and my interest in smartwatches and google glasses, I want to be a cyborg. So an MP3 player that lives in my ear appeals to me.

Researchers may have found a gene for obesity.

If you want to get people to follow social norms, zap their brain.

It’s really quite aggravating that GoogleDocs/Drive doesn’t support ODF file-types. In fact, there is no editor available in Android. That’s a problem and why I will not be using their services any time soon.

Thirteen gateways to hell? Flagged for future fiction.

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