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9 Responses to HCW: Escape!

  1. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    Will part of Hit Coffee weekend include watching the Rutgers / SMU game?

    If we can win this one, Thursday night’s game at Louisville may decide the AAC championship. By remarkable coincidence the Giants are also playing Thursday night, but with Big Blue being 0-4, I will be focusing on Rutgers.

  2. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    Halftime. Rutgers 21, SMU 7.

    I will give it one more quarter to see if it becomes more competitive.

  3. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    3rd quarter, 1:18 remaining: Rutgers 35, SMU 14

    Time to enjoy the outdoors.

  4. Mr. Blue says:

    Helmet to helmet contact is supposed to result in a penalty and suspension.

    Unless you’re UCF. Then it results in a turnover and taking the lead.

    • Mr. Blue says:

      Oh, of course. A kick return for a touchdown means a penalty. Not that the announcers called, but they say there must have been a penalty because the blocking was so effective?

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