Americans have a problem with fast food and they have a problem with credit cards, so it’s not that surprising to see that the two dovetail tidely:

U.S. consumers racked up an estimated $51 billion worth of fast food on their personal credit and debit cards in 2006, compared to $33.2 billion one-year ago.

I remember a time not so long ago that fast food places didn’t even take credit cards. I remember my shock upon running across the first one that did. Any time I was low on cash, which I usually was, I would go to that one regional fastfood chain. Then Wendy’s started doing it and I could go there, too. Then McD’s. Now it’s a question of whether or not they accept the Discover Card, not whether or not they accept credit cards.

I enjoy the convenience, but it makes it much harder to diet by way of an anemic wallet.

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