Vikram Bath predicted that contrary to reports, Apple would not be releasing a cheaper model. I give him at least partial credit.

Tim Harford writes about the minimum wage issue in the UK.

According to Reihan Salam, he lesson of Tony Abbott’s ascent in Australia is that the future of conservatism may have little to do with small government and more to do with social and family issues.

The Secretary of Education lent some support to an important idea: start school later in the day.

Avik Roy is compiling a map, comparing pre-PPACA (individual market) and post-PPACA (exchanges) costs on comparable plans. State by state.

Relevant to me and few of y’all: Dr Seuss is coming to ebooks!

Do you want to know who the 24 worst-dressed members of GI Joe and Cobra are? io9 is on it. The 80’s were embarrassing in so many ways.

Some people think that the 2014 elections, by virtue of the group next up for Senatorial votes as well as gerrymandered House districts, will benefit Republicans and put to rest talk about how the party needs to change. Not so fast, says National Memo. The Republicans are in trouble, and everyone knows it.

One thing the Ohio Republican Party can’t really afford is implosion, not that Ohio Republicans care.

Lest I be too one-sided, I should point out that the emerging Democratic coalition is built on the collapse of the traditional family.

California has a bit of a problem (though some would argue that it’s not a problem) in that it is losing internal migrants to other states like Texas. Fortunately for California, there is New York. Meanwhile, states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona are getting some of their millionaires.

Joel Kotkin and Mark Schill look at regional growth rates in the US.

James Fallows has a great series on Sioux Falls, a boomtown not like the other boomtowns of Dakota.

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  1. Φ says:

    “I guess for some people in Ohio [i.e., the TEA Party], unless you are a card-carrying Nazi you can’t be a Republican,” [Republican lobbyist Neil Clark] said.


  2. Φ says:

    I should take this as another opportunity to say that the university where I taught did some experimenting on its students (and, by extension, its faculty) by moving the class start times around and discovered that, yes, later is better.

  3. trumwill says:

    the university where I taught did some experimenting on its students

    When I read this, I thought the rest of your comment was going to be much more shocking than moving times around! 🙂 But thanks for the validation!

    The science on the matter has been pretty clear, as far as I understand. The standard retort – it won’t make a difference because people will just go to sleep later – just doesn’t seem to be true.

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