So I fired up my TV computer to watch some morning games on ESPN3. But there were none. What happened to all the 10am games?!

It took me a few minutes to realize that I am in the Eastern Time Zone now. 10am games are now at noon.

In my defense, I hadn’t had any morning caffeine.

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6 Responses to No More Morning Games

  1. Mr. Blue says:

    Refs be lame. Duke completely screwed up a snap and were looking at a massive lost. But nooooooo… they decided that the play didn’t count so that they could review the previous play (a nice reception by Duke). So, in order to be fair to Memphis and make sure that the Duke catch was caught, they screwed the Tigers out of a huge sack. Duke went on to score a touchdown. Possibly the game-winning one.

  2. Mr. Blue says:

    Wow. That was the worst replay review call I have ever seen. The ball clearly hit the ground. Then, in payment to the fans anger, they ignored a clear block-from-behind.

    Duke shouldn’t need this kind of help to beat Memphis.

  3. Mike Hunt Rice says:

    Welcome to a real time zone.

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