pizzaspaghettiA new kind of nuclear reactor could lower electricity costs by 40%.

Amir Efrati updates us on self-driving cars. Google is designing one. On Twitter they’re talking about Google and Apple buying Tesla. They could probably get Mitsubishi for a song right now. They could have gotten Saturn really, really cheap.

Britain’s health care system sometimes seems to be more popular abroad than it is at home.

We’re #1! We’re #1! At porn website hosting, anyway.

The emotional toll of recording your own audiobook.

The most expensive real estate in New York? Rikers Island.

Andrew Gelmen explains how and why the Democratic Party because the party of Very Serious People.

The waiting list of Louisiana’s online voucher program continues to grow.

Adweek writes on a Samsung video with terrible, terrible acting. One of the actors responds with why the acting is so, so terrible.

We’re apparently making monkeys dumber.

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