When I was a kid in Sunday School, I heard a different story of Mary and Joseph’s trip back to Bethlehem where Jesus was born. Mary and Joseph went around from one place to another in search of logic.

It was the neatest Christmas story I had ever heard. I had this vision in my mind of this guy and this pregnant woman on some sort of glorious search for Truth, going house to house and engaging in philosophical dialogue with the townspeople of Bethlehem to discover universal truths about life, the universe, and everything. So then they finally found someone cool and decided to hang out in their barn till the Son of Lord God was born.

It reinvigorated my interest in Christianity until I figured out that she was saying “lodging.”

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2 Responses to A Different Christmas Story

  1. Spungen says:

    Oh, that’s really cute.

    When I was little, I used to sing “With a jelly toast proclaim/ Christ is born in Bethlehem.”

  2. trumwill says:

    Clancy used to think that “Hosanna in the highest” was “lasagne in the highest”… I thought about that at the Christmas Eve service tonight and nearly chuckled.

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